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Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

The only electronic indoor pest repeller to combine Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and Ionic technologies for unsurpassed pest control. Transform your home or office into a fortress against pests without exposing your family to dangerous insecticides.

Guardian Pest Repeller

The Guardian™

The Most Sophisticated Pest Repeller On The Market! The Guardian™ is the industry's first indoor/outdoor pest repeller. Safe and humane, this device emits different noise frequencies to ward off a variety of pests including intruders with its intruder alarm and protective police-like siren. This feature-packed pest repeller offers the latest in technology and is unparalleled in success.

Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar

Ultimate Dog Silencer™ Collar

Not just another bark control Dog Collar, the Ultimate Dog silencer™ emits a high frequency sound pulse in direct response to your dog's barking. The powerful sound is inaudible to humans.

Dog Silencer Pro

Dog Silencer Pro™

The Dog Silencer Pro™ is the most popular anti-barking system available today! This revolutionary device works by using high-pitched sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) sounds to humanely train dogs to stop barking.

Hearing Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Hearing Plus™ Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Introducing the "next generation" hearing aid, featuring the newest patented rechargeable technology. The exclusive rechargeable hearing aid for the hearing impaired. Don't miss out on life any longer!

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